Open gym is back!

This is an opportunity to bring your child to our space, learn about the services we provide, and ask questions about your child's development.

Wednesdays 12pm - 1pm



We also offer classes for children and parents. Our child group classes are led by therapists from different disciplines and accommodate for various ages, interests, and needs. Children become empowered and inspired by their peers which allows for more collaboration and learning through peer modeling. Each child will have a customized treatment plan specific to their developmental level and goals.

Class packages are four week sessions, once per week for $200.

Our FREE parent classes are designed to connect families to relevant current information supporting growth for both the family and child. We invite the community to join our free presentations given by professionals on topics that are most common in practice today. Childcare is NOW provided!


Group Classes:


Parent & Me Play: successful development from birth

Ages birth - 12 months
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
10am - 11am

Focus will be on precursors to learning, age appropriate milestones, foundations for typical development, and simple home strategies to foster your baby’s growth. The following skills will be addressed: communication, socialization, grasping, rolling, crawling, eating, etc. to give parents a better understanding how these areas can be supported.



Mommy & Me Nursing:
successful eating from birth

Ages birth - 12 months
9am - 10am

Successful eating habits begin as early as the first feed after birth. This class will answer mothers questions regarding each step of the eating process and enable them to transition from bottle, breast, to solid foods.



Picky Eaters Group

Ages 18 months - 4 years
Tuesday, Wednesday
9am - 10am

Focus will be on creating positive feeding experiences, long term healthy eating habits, increasing repertoire of foods, tolerating textures, improving oral motor skills, and self-feeding independence.



School Readiness Group

Ages 5 - 8 years
Wednesday, Thursday
3pm - 4pm

Our children’s ability to emotionally self-regulate, which is how they manage behavior in relation to the demands of a situation, is a pre-requisite to connection, communication, attention, and learning. Focus will be on identifying underlying challenges and strengths in order to provide appropriate self-regulatory strategies, techniques, and modifications to assist with focus and social interaction, which will in turn strengthen gross motor and fine motor skills.



Speech & Sensory Bootcamp

Ages 2 - 5 years
Wednesday, Friday
11am - 12pm

Our sensory system is the foundation for learning, therefore important that it is functioning properly for higher level language skills. Through movement and  structured play, we will address how to use language in different settings (pragmatics), assist the child in understanding language around them while incorporating following directions and interpreting routines (receptive). Along with promoting verbal output through gestures, words, or use of devices (expressive).



Handwriting Group

Ages 5 - 8 years
Various days/times available

A Handwriting Without Tears multi-sensory approach is used to build confidence and make writing fun. We will work on the precursors to writing including eye hand coordination, visual perceptual skills (giving meaning to what we see), in addition to improving grasp, endurance, letter formation, and legibility.


Free Parent Classes:


Tea Tuesdays (every month)
6:00 - 7:30pm

Oct 1st: Diane Graber MA, Founder Cyberwise & Cyber Civics
Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology

August 13th: Emily Barton
Safer Beauty- Flawless in Five

June 11th: Tatum Wolfe
Essential Oils 101

April 30th: Belen Guillen MFT
The Infant Calming Reflex

March 5th: Cindy Newman-Jacobs Ph.D., BCET
Developing Young Cognitive Skills

January 29th: Serena Brinderson M.Ed.
Learn to Act instead of React

December 11th: Sapna Fliedner MSN, FNP, HHC, AADP
Ayurveda for Kids

November 13th: Sapna Fliedner MSN, FNP, HHC, AADP
Health and Nutrition